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Workouts on the Go: Exercises to do in your Hotel Room

Workouts on the Go: Exercises to do in your Hotel Room

This week we're posting all things summer! Vacations and travel are now in full effect so we wanted to feature a workout you can do in your hotel room to stay fit while traveling. The workout includes all bodyweight exercises that can be done without any equipment, all you you need is: water, great music and your room. 


  • The circuit can be done in less than 30 minutes.

  • If any exercises are too challenging or too easy, you can always adjust. Go at your own pace.

  • Complete the circuit in order of exercises 1-6 and repeat two additional times.

  • Rest for 15 seconds between each exercise. If you need more time for rest, take the time.

  • After you complete the entire circuit of exercises, grab water and rest for one minute before you start again.

  • When you complete last circuit, finish with a child's pose.

  • Following your workout, drink lots of water and eat a healthy meal.

Here is the workout! 

  1. Squat to Chair: 20 reps

  2. Pushup: 15 reps

  3. Single Leg Squats: 10 reps each side

  4. Plank on Elbows (30 seconds) into Plank Push (5 each side)

  5. Bulgarian Split Squats: 15 reps each side

  6. Bicycle Crunch (15 reps each side) into Back Plank (30 seconds)

  7. Repeat.

The videos are located below with an explanation of each exercise. Enjoy! 

Squat to Chair

Squat to Chair: (Targets-Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes)

1. Stand with feet hip width apart and about 6-12 inches in front of the chair.
2. Keep your chest upright and drive your hips back.
3. Tap your butt to the chair without sitting.
4. Stand back up without fully locking out your knees. 
5. When you start to feel your legs fatigue, try to do 3 more reps. This will really target your muscles, build endurance and give tone your legs. 


Push-up: (Targets-Chest, Arms, Shoulders)

There are three versions: on the bed, on the knees and a full pushup. 

1. Keep your elbows in close to the body. (This helps get your chest and triceps)
2. Place your  hands under the chest.
3. Flat back so you have a straight line from head to feet. 
4. As you lower to the ground, pinch your shoulder blades together.
5. Control your movement. Go for 2 seconds down and 2 seconds up. 

Single Leg Chair Squats

Single Leg Chair Squats: (Targets-Calves, Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes)
*This can be a challenging exercise. If its too challenging, a great way to adjust is by adding a pillow or two on the chair. 

1. Start by sitting down so that you have a sense of where the chair is under you.
2. Lift one leg and stand all the way up. Drive up through hips and squeeze your glutes.
3. The goal is 10 reps. If you can get to 10, lower the height of the chair. Slower is also more challenging.
4. Make sure to both legs!

Plank on Elbows into Plank Push

Plank: (Targets-Core, Arms, Shoulders) 

1. Elbows should be directly under your shoulders. Use a mirror to check.
2. Relax your shoulders. 
3. Drop your hips so you are in a straight line from head to toe. 
4. Pull your belly button into your stomach and squeeze the abs tight.
5. Hold the Plank for 30 seconds. 

*If you can do it with great form for more than 30 seconds on the bed, try it on a flat surface like the floor. 

Plank Push: (Targets-Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Core)

1. Start in the plank position on your elbows.
2. Without rotating your body, place one hand directly under your chest and push up into a plank position on both hands.
3. Now, slowly lower your body back down to the same elbow you originally pushed up on until both elbows are back in the starting position.
5. Do 5 on each side, if that's easy for you. Try increasing the amount of reps until it gets challenging.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Bulgarian Split Squats: (Targets-Calves, Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes)

1. Place one foot on the chair and the other about 2-3 feet away from the chair.
2. Focus on stabilizing with three points of contact on your front foot. (Through the big toe, the lateral side of the foot and the heel.)
3. Having your arms out by your sides will help with your balance. If you need more support, lightly touch a wall or hold a chair.
4. The movement comes from your back leg. Move straight up and down slowly. Go for a 2 count down and a 2 count back up.
5. When you start to feel your leg fatigue, do 3 more reps.
6. Repeat on your other leg.

Bicycle Crunch to Plank

Bicycle Crunch: (Targets-Abs)

1. Lift your head, shoulders and feet off of the ground.
2.  Draw your belly button in and squeeze your abs to stabilize.
3. Bring your right elbow to your left knee and switch to your left elbow touching your right knee.
4. To be effective, slow down the movement. The slower you go, the more challenging.
5. Repeat for 15 reps on each side.

Back Plank: (Targets-Core)

1. Lift your head, shoulders and feet off of the ground.
2. Reach through your fingertips. 
3. Pull the belly button into your stomach and squeeze your abs.
4. Stabilize your body by resisting movement as much as possible. 
5. Hold for up to 30 seconds.

Child's Pose

Childs Pose: (Targets: Stretch, Relaxation) 

1. Sit back on your feet.
2. Lower your head.
3. Extend your arms in front of you, reaching through your fingertips.
4. Find your place of relaxation.
5. Hold for as long as you like, you deserve it!

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