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The 2016 Coachella Food Guide: Bringing LA's Finest To The Desert

The 2016 Coachella Food Guide: Bringing LA's Finest To The Desert

The 2016 Coachella Food Guide: Bringing LA's Finest To The Desert

The 2016 Coachella Food Guide: Bringing LA's Finest To The Desert

Coachella, its finally here!!! I can't believe this will be my first time going to Coachella, I'll be there on the second weekend, do you have any suggestions??? I'm definitely looking forward to all of the good music and all the amazing food! 

The music lineup is always what attracts everyone out to the desert, but don't look past the food lineup, its just as good! Whether you're looking for good coffee, a burger, tacos or even an acai bowl, you'll find all of this and more at the festival because LA's finest are bringing the heat.

I'm sharing my top picks whether you have a general admission ticket or a VIP ticket because lets be honest, the food options are much different depending on which ticket you have to Coachella.

Whether or not you're going to Coachella over the next two weekends, you still absolutely need to try these restaurants because they're all legit! Share your food experience with me by tagging me in the photos @sweatspace or leave a comment below about your experience at these restaurants because I love hearing about all the best spots to eat. 

I hope that you have a blast and enjoy these places as much as I do!

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General Admission:

Don't look past the offerings for all general admission tickets, these spots are all amazing!

Blue Bottle Coffee

Originally from SF, I used to go here when living in the city prior to their recent move down to LA. This is where my favorite espresso drink was originated, the gibraltar. It has just the right amount of milk to espresso and perfect temperature to either sip or slam, my go to is an almond gibraltar.

Donut Farm

Why eat a donut that's full of processed junk when you can eat a donut that's full of organic ingredients and vegan. Donut Farm is revolutionizing the donut scene in a big way, so if you're in need of a sweet treat that's better for you, go here! 

Free Range

Free Range is an awesome food truck in LA bringing the heat with their free-range chicken and famous avocado toast. If you haven't stumbled upon their food truck, add it to your list. 

Sage / Kind Kreme

Organic, sustainable and plant-based food brought to you in the desert. When you're in need of some real food after all the greasy food, fuel up here.


Lets be honest, if you want the most options for food from the best LA resturaunts, you need to have a VIP ticket. 

Backyard Bowls

My favorite spot in LA for acai bowls, if you've never been to backyard bowls you need to go to their location on Beverly Blvd in West Hollywood! 


I love myself a burger and Burgerlords does it right, they offer both grass-fed beef and vegan options that are too good to pass up! 

Clover Juice

Need a cleanse in the desert, grab a juice. After being out in the sun and not eating my typical home cooked food, you'll definitely find me sipping on a juice. 


One of my favorite resturaunts in Santa Monica, this spot has the most amazing food! The first time I went here, I was blown away because everything from appetizers to desert was incredible! 


I literally just had sushi here this past week and it did not disappoint. Its located in Downtown LA and is a concept from Sugarfish, which is my favorite sushi spot in LA. KazuNori is all hand rolls blending what Sugarfish is known for with their warm rice and fresh sushi. 

Superba Food + Bread

I love this spot in Venice and El Segundo for their amazing coffee, small plates, pastries, plus their avocado toast is amazing!

Sweetfin Poke

Poke bowls in the desert, sign me up! This spot in Santa Monica, I'm a huge fan of Sweetfin Poke for lunch. If you haven't been, you need to go!

The Church Key

A super hip restaurant in West Hollywood known for their amazing cocktails and dim sum style of service wheeled throughout the restaurant. Definitely a favorite spot of mine for dinner! 

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