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Super Delicious Savory Sweet Potato Waffles

Super Delicious Savory Sweet Potato Waffles


Its been 7 days since I started Whole30, so far my energy levels are through the roof and my body feels much less inflamed following the holidays. However, the one thing I’ve been missing on Whole30 is a pancake or waffle. Being that you technically can’t use alternative flours or any flour for that matter on Whole30, I was bummed out because I’ve not only been craving them, I love making traditional recipes and turning them into more nutrient dense options!

While spiralizing sweet potato for recipes this week, I took a stab at making a waffle out of just two main ingredients: sweet potato and egg. Being that the egg is a binder, I thought what the heck - let’s see what happens, if it doesn’t turn out I’ve got a crispy sweet potato hash. You should have seen the look on my face when I opened up the waffle maker, I was shook! They looked better than I could have ever imagined and after my first bite, I’m not quite sure I’ll choose a regular waffle over these ever again!

What You’ll Need for the Waffle: (Makes 2-3 Waffles)

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Make It:

  1. Spiralize one sweet potato and set aside. Plus, pre-heat the waffle maker.

  2. In a pan, heat up the olive oil over medium heat, then add the garlic. Stir continuously until fragrant for just under a minute.

  3. Add the spiralized sweet potato to the pan with salt and pepper stirring for the first 2 minutes. Then, turn down the heat to medium-low, cover for about 4-6 more minutes or until soft. Once finished move the pan off the heat.

  4. As the sweet potato cools, crack an egg in a bowl along with salt, pepper and seasoning. Mix until smooth.

  5. Once the sweet potato is cool enough - add to the egg and mix together with about a tablespoon or so of coconut oil.

  6. Prep the hot waffle maker with coconut oil or a non-stick spray to avoid sticking and add the sweet potato. Spread out the sweet potato so that it covers the waffle maker and cook until finished about 3-5 minutes.

  7. While the waffle is being cooked, fry up an egg with ghee and slice half an avocado.

  8. Remove the waffle with a metal spatula or a fork if you don’t have one.

  9. Layer the waffle, sliced avocado, fried egg and finish with a little red pepper and pinch of sea salt.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! When you make them, be sure to tag me @sweatspace and #eeeatlikemike so I can see your creations! Until next time, see you on the feed on the daily!

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