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Beach Circuit: Get your Legs Toned and Butt Lifted

Beach Circuit: Get your Legs Toned and Butt Lifted

I put together a lower body workout to tighten up your legs and lift your butt. This workout is more of an intermediate to advanced workout that you can do with little to no equipment. (Make sure to take look below so you know how to do the exercises before doing them) The circuit includes four exercises: Split Squats, Reverse Lunges, Squats and Jump Squats. 

Circuit: Complete 3 Times

Split Squat: 15 reps each leg (1 rep = 2 + hold for 2 count)

Reverse Lunges to Balance: 15 reps each leg

Squats: 15 reps (1 rep = 2 + hold for 2 count)

Jump Squats: 15 reps


How to do each Exercise: 


Split Squat:

  1. Place feet inline at a distance that you feel balanced.
  2. Control the movement to keep the muscles activated.
  3. One rep = two squats plus a 2 second hold on the third.
  4. Option 2: Hold the Split Squat for up to 30 seconds and switch legs. 



Reverse Lunge:

  1. Start by standing with both feet under you.
  2. Step back with the left leg to a point you feel balanced.
  3. Control the movement down to keep the muscles activated. 
  4. Bring your left leg forward to balance and squeeze your right leg to stabilize.
  5. Option 2: Instead of bringing your foot straight into the balanced position, bring your foot back to the starting position and then raise your foot to balance. 



  1. Start with your feet hip width apart, toes pointed forward and keep your hands out for balance.
  2. Drive your hips back and lower your body down so your thighs are close to parallel to the floor.
  3. As you return back up, stop just short of standing straight up and return back down.
  4. On the third rep, pause at the bottom for 2 seconds. 
  5. Repeat. 
  6. Option 2: Hold the squat at the bottom for up to 30 seconds.

Jump Squat Still Photo.PNG

Jump Squat:

  1. Begin by driving your hips back into the squat. 
  2. As you come up to the starting position, come up to your toes.
  3. There is no need to jump more than a few inches off the ground. 
  4. Land softly, you should not hear your feet touch the ground. 
  5. Option 2: Squat and come up to your toes instead of jumping. 
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