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Change Up Your Cardio: Get Better Results!

Change Up Your Cardio: Get Better Results!

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Cardio is amazing for cardiovascular health, burning calories and getting a great sweat session. However, all too many times after the first few weeks the results start slowing down because either you’re only doing cardio and no strength training or you’re still doing a very similar speed, time and incline that you did when you began training. For the best results, strength train 3-5 times per week, do cardio 2-3 times per week and challenge yourself to do a little more each time.

To keep getting great results in your cardio training program, its really important that you push yourself just a little more every time you workout. Try doing one of the following: increase the speed, incline or length of your workout so that your body can continue to to change.

If you do cardio on the treadmill three times per week, I recommend that you adjust your program by doing something like this: 

Monday - Increase Speed by 0.1 mph

Wednesday - Increase Incline by 0.5

Friday - Increase Cardio Time by 30 seconds

Below is a sample treadmill cardio program based on progressing the speed, incline and length of time you are doing cardio week by week. Start at a pace that you feel good with and push yourself a little bit more every week, everyone is different, just focus on yourself and what speed works best for you. In time, you will continue to see great results, minimize the risk of injury and reduce getting burnt out on exercise. You’ll create more of a lifestyle instead of continuous quick fixes that never last! 

I hope that you have a great workout and an even more amazing day!

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Week 1:

Monday: 3.3 mph / 1.0 Incline / 20 minutes

Wednesday: 3.3 mph / 1.5 Incline / 20 minutes

Friday: 3.3 mph / 1.5 incline / 20:30 minutes

Week 2: 

Monday: 3.4 mph / 1.5 incline / 20:30 minutes

Wednesday: 3.4 mph / 2.0 incline / 20:30 minutes

Friday: 3.4 mph / 2.0 incline / 21 minutes

Repeat Week Over Week.
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