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The Best Cardio To Get Fit And Lose Weight

The Best Cardio To Get Fit And Lose Weight

The jury has been out for quite some time as to what really is the best cardio to get fit and lose weight. Slow paced cardio, HIIT, Boxing, Spinning and the list goes on. In my experience working indirectly and directly with thousands of clients, I’ve found that the best cardio is incorporating a cardio program that you enjoy doing and adding variety to your cardio. Your body will limit plateaus and continue getting great results, while limiting the chance of burn out and injury.

I’ve included my top 5 varieties of cardio that deliver the best results by allowing your body to burn the most calories in the shortest period of time, get stronger and burn fat while retaining lean muscle. 


Tone up your arms and lean up your body by integrating this high intensity training into your program. Expect to burn an average of 14 calories/minute by adding boxing into your training program.

Incline Walking:

For best results, walk up hills on hikes or in your neighborhood. If you live in a flat area or if the weather does not permit, utilize the treadmill while not holding on. You'll get so much more benefit out of the exercise. Walking at an incline, you can burn an average of 8 calories/minute at a speed of 3.5mph. 

Rowing Machine:

The rowing machine is a low impact and full body exercise. It will increase your leg and upper body strength and power exponentially. Expect to burn an average of 13 calories/minute by incorporating rowing.


Running at max effort for short periods of time will increase your V02 max, decrease your resting heart rate and retain lean muscle. You can burn an average of 12 calories/minute adding sprints to your workout.


Alternating sets between running every stair and every other stair will build leg strength and condition your body in a whole new way. Walking stairs, you can expect to burn an average of 9.5 calories/minute, while running stairs will boost your caloric burn up to an average of 18 calories/minute.

*Average calories/minute is based on a person weighing 150lbs

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