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Metabolic Finishers: Transform Your Body

Metabolic Finishers: Transform Your Body

Metabolic Finishers are an incredible way to transform your body in a short period of time. I love adding them into my workout as they will challenge you both mentally and physically, helping change your body in multiple ways. 

What is a Metabolic Finisher?

A Metabolic Finisher is when you end your workout with a high intense bout of exercise for a set period of time. Its purpose is to elevate the lactic acid threshold when your body is fatigued. This will in turn allow your body to be more comfortable working out at higher heart rates, which means more opportunity for calories burned within the workout. In addition, it will also lower your resting heart rate, making your body more efficient in the way it delivers oxygen to your body.  

At the end of your next workout, try this metabolic finisher:

3 Rounds: 

  1. High Knees: 45s (alternative exercise: march in place)
  2. Rest: 15 seconds
  3. Mountain Climbers: 45s (alternative exercise: controlled mountain climbers)
  4. Rest: 15 seconds
  5. Jump Squats: 45s (alternative exercise: squat)
  6. Rest: 15 seconds
  7. Repeat two more times.

*Give it everything that you have for each exercise and stay light on the feet. Feel free to do more or less rounds of exercises dependent how you feel. Most importantly continue moving and main good form using the alternative exercises if you start to fatigue.

I hope that you have the best workout and most amazing day! I can't wait to hear about how the metabolic finisher went for you after your next workout! Keep me updated by emailing me at or tag me @sweatspace on Instagram!

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